Our Revolution Twin Cities Endorsed and Approved Candidates:


Mayor of Minneapolis:

 Rep. Raymond Dehn

Minneapolis City Council Candidates:

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WARD 1:     Jillia Pessenda            WARD 2:     Cam Gordon (inc)

WARD 3:     Steve Fletcher        Ginger Jentzen 

WARD 4:   *Phillipe Cunningham WARD 4:    *Stephanie Gasca           WARD 5:     Jeremiah Ellison

WARD 6:     Mohamud Noor         WARD 7:     Janne Flisrand                 WARD 8:     Andrea Jenkins

WARD 9:     Alondra Cano (inc)      WARD 10:   Lisa Bender (inc)           WARD 11:   *Erica Mauter

                                             WARD 11:   *Jeremy Schroeder                WARD 12:   Andrew Johnson (inc)

Bloomington City Council Candidates:

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At Large:  Michael Arulfo

Saint Louis Park City Council Candidates:

Ward 3 –    Jim Leuthner

Minneapolis Park Board Candidates:

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AT LARGE (3 seats):

 Russ Henry                                     Londel French                            Devin Hogan

DISTRICT 1:                                                            DISTRICT 2:                                                          DISTRICT 3:

 Chris Meyer                                    Kale Severson                             AK Hassan

                                           DISTRICT 4:                                                          DISTRICT 6:

                                                    Jono Cowgill                                Brad Bourn

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Contact Our Revolution TC: ortwincities@gmail.com

*  = This was an atypical race with 2 exceptional candidates and the membership voted to approve both.  This occurred prior to certain organizational changes and related membership vote.  Only one candidate will be endorsed per seat in the future.