Our Revolution Twin Cities held elections for our 2nd Board election at our May 20th, 2018 membership meeting. Our elected Board is responsible for running member meetings, record keeping, coordinating committee activities, and conducting the day-to-day business of the organization. They are also the main contact point for the organization and can be reached at: ORTwinCities@gmail.com

The following have been elected to the Our Revolution Twin Cities Board:

Janet Kitui – Vice Chair, Outreach, Diversity, & Community Service Committee

Kevin Chavis – Chair, Minneapolis Local Elections Committee

Jessica Monette – Treasurer, Fundraising Committee

Dumont Doumbe – Membership Mobilization Committee

Nate Rastetter – Events Committee

Nick Espinosa – Local Elections Committee

Henry Bribe – Endorsements Committee

Karl Gamradt – At large

Karla Sand- At-large

Beth Blick – At-large

Hukun Dabar – At-large

Ukasha Dakane – At-large